Provo, UT


Trusted Lawyer in Provo, UT

A Provo, UT, lawyer at Havens Law, LLC can give you the legal counsel and local representation you’re looking for. We give all of our cases personal attention and make every effort to get you a favorable outcome. You don’t have to face your legal challenges alone, and we’ll make sure that you’re given the information you need in order to help you make the most beneficial decisions about your case.

We are able to represent you in a wide range of legal cases and will do our best to make sure that you’re treated fairly by the justice system. Our practice areas include:

  • Personal injury law
  • Criminal law
  • Immigration law
  • Probate law
  • Appellate law
  • Family law

A Provo, UT, lawyer who’ll be on your side is standing by to assist you at Havens Law, LLC. Our flexible service hours give us the opportunity to work around your busy schedule. We’re available Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, and Saturday by appointment. Contact us today and let us know more details about your case.